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Counselor Assignments

Sabrina Simone,

     7th grade:  Students whose last names begin with A - G

     8th grade:  Students whose last names begin with A - K

Jo Burritt,

     7th grade:  Students whose last names begin with H - Z

     8th grade:  Students whose last names begin with L - Z


Guidance Information

At PRMS, we believe...

  • The counseling department should serve all students, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or ability
  • Effective school counseling programs should build relationships with teachers, families, and community members to provide comprehensive, high-quality services to students
  • Students have the right to a safe, supportive, and respectful learning environment
  • The guidance department works in coordination with teachers, staff, families, and community members to provide the students at PRMS with the tools necessary to become active participants in their education, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens


Our Services

Through PRMS's guidance program, the guidance department works with teachers and families to create a caring environment that meets the students' needs through prevention, early identification, and intervention.  The following is a partial list of services that PRMS provides:

  • Guidance Curriculum (classroom lessons)
  • Individual Meetings
  • Small Groups
  • Assistance in Crises
  • Consultant and Referral Source among the School, Parents, and the Community

What's a digital footprint?

Please click the following link for more information about digital footprints:


Parents, please click the following links for more information regarding digital footprints and how you can talk to your child(ren) about how to manage what they do online:

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Resources for Families & Students

ADHD Resources.pdf

Internet Safety.pdf


Tips on Parenting

Have questions about parenting? Want advice from an expert? Check out these websites for some tips on how to raise responsible children.



The Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center provides research, advice, and seminars on bullying and cyberbullying.



A great tool for helping your child learn how to be safe while using the Internet


Yoga in the Workplace

Feeling stressed at the workplace? Try these simple techniques to feel better.